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BAA brings the adventures of the outdoors and the natural world to your community room!  Our senior explorers enjoy close contact with some of the most colorful, and mesmerizing exotic species from all over the world!


LIVE Animal Ambassadors vs Viewing Exhibits

Cite: AZA Conservation Education Committee

Planting a Plant

Audience Engagement

The use of ambassador animals can provide the compelling experience necessary to attract and maintain personal connections with visitors of all motivations, thus preparing them for learning and reflection on their own relationships with nature.

Seniors Laughing

Knowledge Acquisition

Several studies have recorded a marked difference in learning between visitors observing animals on exhibit versus being handled during informal presentations.  Some studies suggest visitors were able to correctly answer questions pertaining to animals shown in presentation at a rate of eleven times higher than visitors to the exhibits.

Fishing Trip

Enhanced Environmental Attitudes

Several studies have evaluated the effects of live animal shows have on spectators and have found that live animal shows have a great impact on attitudes toward wildlife and the conservation of the natural world (developing a hieghtened sense of stewardship).