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Thank you for supporting Buffalo Animal Adventures!  We are committed to ensuring your event is a fun and informative experience for all to enjoy.  Below you will find our Programming options.

Entities seeking new programming contracts are encouraged to call us directly.  This includes regularly scheduled programming for After School Providers, Senior Living Communities, Youth Services, and School Districts.

Within 48 hours of submitting your online booking, we will follow-up with a Consultation Phone Call.  During this call we can discuss

1) Animal requests,

2) Specific concerns,

3) Location logistics,

4) Final event details confirmation.

Playing with Animals
Green Chameleon

Some of our animals may require a $25.00 addition handling/transport fee.


Juliana Pig - "Bo",   Red Fox - "Tundra",   Artic Fox - "Cleo",   African Pygmy Goat - "Bowie",   Ring-tailed Lemur - "Julian",   Sulcata Tortoise - "Rocket",   Reticulated Python - "Thor",   Spinytail Mouse - "Bernard",   Black and White Tegu - "Chaplin",   Bermese Python - "Reznor" & "Khan",   Blue and Gold Macaw - "Max",   Vine Snake - "Tarzan",   ANY Venomous Snakes   



This fee does not apply to contracted programming with After School Providers, School Districts, or Summer Camp Providers