After School Programs

Our PARTNERS in providing outstanding wildlife and conservation education in WNY's after school programs!

We provide a fun and informative after school program series with many different lesson plans prepared to last the whole school year!

Example Lesson Plans

Learning Objectives:
  • Explorers will be able to explain what an adaptation is as it pertains to living organisms.
  • Explorers will be able to demonstrate how adaptations are useful for wildlife survival.
  • Explorers will understand the significance of adaptations on some key species.
Learning Objectives:
  • Explorers will be able to construct their own food chain/web.
  • Explorers will understand how energy flows from one organism to another in a food chain/web.
  • Explorers will be able to define terms such as producer, consumer, secondary consumer, and apex predator
Learning Objectives:
  • Explorers will be able to explain the process of photosynthesis.
  • Explorers will be able to identify all parts of a plant.
  • Explorers will understand how plants reproduce, and get energy from the sun and soil.
  • Explorers will have the opportunity to plant and nurture their own take-home plant.

Did you know...

A Research Works, Inc. study of New York's 21st CCLC programs found a positive impact of program participation on students' engagement and performance in school.  The overwhelming majority of students surveyed agreed that program participation had at least somewhat helped them to do better in school (89%), become more interested in going to school (81%), and stay out of trouble (87%).  Read more

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